Who we are?

We are the team of IT engineers, project managers and user supportsĀ that performs the development, implementation and provide IT servicesĀ for the companies over the years


in IT Business Since 1989

We are team of experienced specialists with vast and successful experience in planning, deploying and managing wide variety of IT systems. Some of us are in IT industry since the 80’s of the last century, some have been in this business for the last 10 years only, but we all are ready to provide best service to our customers. We want to bring our experience and knowledge to those who need it, but don’t plan to create an IT Department in their organization. We are committed to assist and support every client with keeping their business going during this difficult time. We can help to optimize IT spending and at the same time to ensure information security, process automation and reliability of the business.

We are ready to provide you with our knowledge and expertise!

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FossDoc Document Management

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

CCTV Systems and Biometric Security

Antivirus BitDefender

Network Setup and Management

Veeam Backup and Cloud Management

IT Experts

Years Of Experience

Implemented systems


Why choose us

We believe that it is very important to provide you with complete and true information about our IT solutions and the services we provide.

We will not promise you something that our systems can’t do at the moment, instead, we will listen to you, our client, and will try our adapt our solutions to your requirements. If we are not able to accommodate your needs we will tell you that honestly at the very beginning and not halfway into the project when time and money are spent already.

You will always receive reliable reports on the work done and the prospects of further development.

We will always be on your side, since stability of your business is our strategy. We care about your success, because it is our success too.

We are "IT guys" from aviation industry where safety and reliability are paramount

We choose not the most expensive IT solutions, but the most effective ones

We take deadlines seriously...seriously!

We value our reputation

We are ready to provide you with all our experience so your business can succeed