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About FossDoc


EDM Platform


Document Management

FossDoc is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for electronic document management. The system can help you to organize all documents in your business.


With FossDoc you will increase the efficiency of your employees, resulting in a more engaged and productive workforce with reduced turnover. That means more sales and better financial results.

Web Access

FossDoc has a Web interface, so you don’t even need the FossDoc client installed on your computer, simply login to the webserver and you will have all the features of FossDoc directly in your browser!

Custom Solutions

We offer custom solutions built on the FossDoc basis and covering wide range of tasks. Our software can be successfully used for creating customer’s own solutions as well as expanding existing ones.

Powerful Workflows

FossDoc allows you to route documents and files for further action. You can create document workflows using powerful visual editor. Users can manage document flow manually or use a workflow templates.

KEY Features


Document workflows

FossDoc Documents can be sent for approval or execution to users and departments using tasks that form the documents workflow. Workflows can be serial, parallel, or mixed. It’s possible to prepare document workflows in advance creating the route templates

Integration with Active Directory

Allows users to log on the FossDoc server using a Windows domain username and password.You do not need to enter an additional username and password.
To connect to the FossLook server just log into your domain, run the client application and press “Connect” button

Web Server

FossDoc users can work with documents using desktop client application, as well as using Web client, i.e. browser application. Almost all functions available in the desktop client software, also are available via the Web. Web-client provides the opportunity to work with file folders, documents and e-mail messages and much more

Document Libraries

The main FossDoc feature is the “Document Libraries” module, which allows you to create new types of documents, set user permissions for the documents and folders in order to control the document functions, create a document libraries and manage them. Using this module, you will be able to automate the business processes of your company and organize collaboration on the documents

Documents History

When document history is enabled, a corresponding tab appears in this document. This tab contains information about who made what modifications, to what files or fields, at what time, as well as field values before and after modification. Users that are included in the appropriate group can view the history of all of these document changes

Document Versions

When preparing the documents it’s often necessary to keep all of their versions to analyze the changes in the document. FossDoc can store document versions, so you can always go back and review them. This functionality is provided by the “Versioning” module

Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks are used to provide reminders about any event, or about the task that you need to do with the document. If you have a task that will happen every couple of days or every month в any regular schedule, really FossDoc can help you create it as a recurring task, so you only have to set it up once


FossDoc allows you to build reports using groupings. When building a report, documents can be grouped by various document fields. Generated reports can be exported to .csv file. You can quickly browse the list of documents that fall into the appropriate group of the report

Templates for printing documents

FossDoc provides the ability to print documents from a template. Template for printing is prepared in MS Word.
Template fields are filled with the field values from document’s card

Document Auto Link

Documents in the organization usually have logical links between them. For example, there is a set of various documents relating to the same correspondent, such as contracts, correspondence, offers, and others. FossDoc provides the ability to link them automatically using the selected key field. All documents that have a key field will be displayed in a separate Autolinks tab automatically

Fields Calculation

Field calculation is a new feature that will allow you to perform custom calculations within your documents. You can create your own formulas, use functions like absolute values, sum and others

Automatic Documents Numbering

Sometimes it’s necessary to assign a registration number automatically for some documents. Automatic documents numbering module provides this functionality

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