IT Support

We can be your “IT guy” if you don’t have your own IT department. 

You will get managed services for all our products and more


Provide your business with remote technical support for the required services.
We will help you solve your technical problems anywhere, whenever you need it.

Call Centre Help Desk Communication  - TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay

Remote Support

In a today environment when many people have to work away from office, we can provide you with remote support, helping to fix  problems in various information systems.

Onsite Support

In case remote support is not enough, our employees will make a visit to your organization to deal with a problem on the spot and restore normal flow of IT operations.

FossDoc Support

If you have purchased support package for  FossDoc system, then you will always have our experts, who will quickly resolve any issues, at your disposal .

Laptop and desktop upgrade

1. Replacement of HDD with SSD with Windows system cloning
2. Re-installation of Windows system.
3. Windows system upgrade
4. Configuration of personal Veeam Backup
5. Addition of RAM and upgrade of all other PC equipment

Internet gateway on PFSense

1. Firewall installation
2. Site-to-Site IPSec VPN or VPN for remote users
3. Proxy server, with allow/block list (LDAP, Radius, internal username)
4. Antivirus implementation
5. Firewall reports

Windows server administration

1. Installation
2. Manage active directory
4. VPN server
5. File server